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The Activity Feed is the area in the app that allows you to view different activities that have happened in the app that are relevant to you!

  • Go to the More page and select the bell icon in the top right corner to access
  • New activities will be logged in the Activity Feed, a red badge indicator will alert you to go view and catch up on what's new
  • Select one of the activities in the feed to be taken directly to the area of the app where the activity has taken place so you can interact
  • Logged activities will stay in the feed for up to 30 days before automatically being removed, to keep the Activity Feed relevant
  • To remove a logged activity from the Activity Feed, slide to the left on the item and tap Clear
    • This will remove the item from your Activity Feed
    • To delete all activities at once in a specific time frame click the "x" on the section title
  • The following activities get logged in your Activity Feed as they happen in the app:
    • Your Manager sends a Broadcast
    • You are mentioned in Spark
    • You receive points for a like on your Spark post
    • Someone comments on your Spark post
    • Someone likes your Spark post or comment
    • Someone else comments on a post you have previously commented on


Broadcasts are announcements and updates from Managers that appear in the Activity Feed. They provide a direct way for Managers to share information with their teams without it getting lost amongst the collaboration and communication happening in Chat.

  • Clear a Broadcast from your personal Activity Feed, by swiping to the left on that Broadcast
  • They will automatically be cleared after being active for 30 days

If you don't find the answer you are looking for please reach out to your Manager or Program Manager for further assistance.

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