Buzz - Nudge

  • Buzz is a virtual bulletin board that keeps you in the loop with the latest company news, new company protocols, exciting new updates, and more.
    • Check back often for updated need-to-know info
    • Might include a link to an important resource such as a PDF, website, or video
    • Some are only available for a limited time

Buzz Sharing

  • If enabled, Buzzes can be shared outside the app
    • Send important information to a fellow coworker or save it to your personal device for future reference
  • The share button is in the top right corner of the screen after selecting the Buzz
  • Tap the share button to open up the options of how to share the information

Be sure to check out the Buzz when you see it to ensure you don't miss any relevant information!

If you don't find the answer you are looking for please reach out to your Manager or Program Manager for further assistance.

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