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My Points

  • My Points are the total number of points you have earned during a campaign. More information here.

Spark Points

  • Spark points are the total number of points you have earned for participating during a spark session. More information here.

Lifetime Achievement Points

  • In the More Tab, you will have access to a Lifetime Points progress bar. This progress bar will let you know how many points you need to collect to earn the next achievement. You can view all of your achievements on the My Achievements page, accessible from the More tab. Here you’ll see all of the Lifetime Points Achievements you’ve earned as well as those still up for grabs.

Quick Links

  • Quick Links provide organizations with the ability to share tools and resources with their frontline workers right on Nudge.

  • Users will be able to view Quick Links in the More tab of the Nudge app. A maximum of two Quick Links will be displayed in the Profile section. When there are more than two links available for users, there will be a “View all links” button that leads to more resources. 

  • In the case of a quick link driving to an application, If a user has access to that application, they will be able to enter their credentials to access the link. If a user has an app for that resource on their device, they will be prompted to open the app. 


  • The Scoreboard is where you can track your progress and see where you rank compared to your colleagues! The Scoreboard will rank you amongst your colleagues based on your My Points. Be sure to earn extra points by answering Nudges, participating in Sparks, and even referring team members to the app, to help you climb to the top of the Scoreboard.


  • Tasks allow your Manager and HQ to create and share tasks with you and your team! You can access Tasks through the More tab. Here, you will see your team task list with all current and future tasks that are due. Click into a task to read the description and mark a task as complete. You can also mark a task as completed by clicking the circle next to the task in the task list.

My Team

  • Gain insight on their team's Nudge performance & participation. More information here.


  • Cheers is a way to recognize your colleagues within the Nudge app. More information here.

Refer a Colleague

  • To refer a colleague to the app, head to the More tab and click on Refer a Colleague. From here you will see options to send a text, send an email, or share the link elsewhere. You can copy your referral link by clicking on it. Choose your method of sharing your referral and send it off! For each person who uses your referral link to sign up you will earn bonus points. On this page, you will also see any of your successful referrals listed.

Rate this app

  • Drives to the app store. This is where you can let us know what you think of the application. 


  • Various settings for defining your Nudge app experience can be found here.

If you don't find the answer you are looking for please reach out to your Manager or Program Manager for further assistance.

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