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What is Spark?

Spark is the place for sharing feedback, ideas, and best practices! Have feedback? Post it in Spark. See a good idea in Spark? Like it to get it on your company’s radar. Want to learn more about an idea someone else posted? Comment on their post to get the conversation started! Spark allows you respond directly to questions and topics from your company, while keeping the thoughts and feedback from your coworkers organized neatly in a single session.

How do I participate in Spark?

To participate in a Spark session, head to the Spark tab and click into the session that interests you. Once you have clicked into your desired Spark session, you can scroll through and read others posts. You can interact with these posts by commenting on them and liking them. You can also create your own post by clicking on the compose button (it looks like a pencil and notepad!) in the top right corner of the screen.

How do I earn points for participating in Spark?

You can earn points for posting your own feedback, commenting on others posts, liking others posts and receiving likes on your posts. To see what actions you have collected points for and what points are still available, click on the points bar at the bottom of the Spark sessions card or swipe right on the Spark session card.

Note: There are thresholds for how many times you can receive points for actions. If you've maxed out your points for a Spark session, you can still continue posting, commenting and liking you just won't receive points for those extra actions.

Can I sort the posts in Spark?

Yes, you can sort the Spark posts in a Spark session by clicking on the menu button in the top right corner (right next to the button to create your own post). From there, choose your preferred sorting option.

Can I add a picture to Spark?

Spark sessions with photo sharing enabled on will be clearly marked on the Spark session card. In those sessions, you'll have the option to take a photo or share a photo from your camera roll when you create your post.

Can I edit or delete a post I made?

You cannot edit your post after you have published it to the Spark session but you can delete any of your posts or comments if needed. To delete a post click the ellipses (...) button on the post and click delete.

Why can I no longer see a Spark I saw previously?

Some Spark sessions will only be available for a limited time. Be sure to participate in the session when you see it to ensure you don't miss your opportunity for those points!

What are Spark Mentions?

Mentions allow you to start conversations with, and get the attention of specific people in your Spark posts or comments. When you mention someone in a post or comment, their public profile will be hyperlinked in the post or comment and they will receive a push notification letting them know and directing them to the post or comment.

How do I mention someone in a Spark post or comment?

To mention someone, type @ followed immediately by the person’s name and select the correct person from the list that appears. Don't include a space between @ and the name.

As you begin typing the name after the @ symbol, the list will appear right away with all of the people who match what you have typed. Continue to type out the full name to reduce the list of people in the list until you are able to find the correct person you would like to mention.

How will the person I mentioned be notified?

When you mention someone in a Spark post or comment, they'll get a push notification letting them know, as well as a new alert in their Activity Feed to help direct them to your post or comment.

Why can’t I see the person I want to mention in the list?

If you cannot see the person you are looking to mention in the list, first ensure that you have typed in the correct spelling of their name. You can also try taking a few letters out to expand the list and see if they are then included. If they still don’t appear in the list, they may not be on Nudge yet!

Can I mention someone on a Chat message or Task?

No, currently Mentions are only possible in Spark.

If you don't find the answer you are looking for please reach out to your Manager or Program Manager for further assistance.

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