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My Points

My Points are the total number of points you have earned during a campaign. At the end of a campaign, these points will reset back to 0 to give everyone a fair start to the next campaign. These points may be used by your employer when rewarding prizes at the end of a campaign.

How to earn points

You earn points by interacting with various areas in the app. The main way to earn points is by reading and answering Nudges. You can also earn points by referring team members to join Nudge and by participating in Spark.

NOTE: Nudge points have no monetary or redeemable value; however, your organization may attach their own rewards/prize structure to the earning of Nudge points.

Lifetime Points

Lifetime Points are an accumulation of all the points you have ever earned on Nudge. Unlike My Points, Lifetime Points never reset! You can earn new achievement pins to add to your profile by reaching different tiers of Lifetime Points. Check out the different tiers available under My Achievements.

Why you didn't receive points for a Nudge answered

From time to time, you might receive Nudges that are not a part of a campaign, but instead are based on work events or personal milestones! For example, you may receive onboarding Nudges when you first join Nudge or a celebratory Nudge on your work anniversary. Since these Nudges are sent to users at various different times throughout their journey with Nudge, these Nudges will not have points attached to them.


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